The Management Trinity - Delegation

Questions This Guidance Answers: 
  • How do I get my directs to do more?
  • What do I do when I want to delegate to my directs?
  • What do I say when I want to delegate to my directs?

This cast explains our rationale for why Delegation is the 4th Member of our Management Trinity.

Ah, the FOURTH member of the Trinity. We did this for two reasons - one, to make it easier to remember. Two, because you simply cannot grow an organization profitably without Delegation. You can grow the profitability of a company without new products, without new distribution - think Tiffany's, or coal mines. But not without delegation. (Delegation is ESPECIALLY important if you don't have new products or distribution, and we don't recommend either!)

Effective Managers know how to consciously and effectively delegate. Good delegation leads to more growth at less cost. How can we call ourselves professional managers unless we do something that we KNOW leads to profitable growth?

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Awesome job, good thing you guys

Awesome job, good thing you guys remembered the actionable items as that's what I plan to work on with my team for the fiscal year and on (a few on the team want to move up the ladder and I think they would appreciate me delegating more tasks to them as a challenge for them and myself to move to management)

Thanks again!

Jorrian Gelink

Let’s look at the other end of

Let’s look at the other end of delegation, through the eyes of your directs, and let’s see it cast a compelling image of the importance of your own. You can not and will not grow as a manager if you do not delegate. Think of how stunted the growth of a child into adulthood would be if things were not delegated to them. As they became more mature and are able to absorb more responsibilities, they in turn grow further and better into adulthood. It’s ridiculous, but imagine a parent, still spoon feeding, dressing and changing the diapers of their completely able 35 year old son. It’s funny and ridiculous, but the 35 year old son has been done a disservice. Their growth has been stunted by the lack of delegation, and so is your organization if you do not delegate. So many analogies could be used. What if you don’t water your plants or put them in bigger pots as they grow? The same goes. Chances are 75% of your directs have a great innovative idea on how to do something new or perhaps better than what your organization is doing on a daily basis. I would go on to estimate that 65% of your directs would love to do something for you and with you if you gave them the chance. Another smaller segment of those directs would love to be responsible for other peers (very true in retail), and even another smaller segment of your directs want to be you and do what you do on a regular basis. What’s great is, that’s the segment of people that your organization will truly profit from. That small segment is the value add portion of your business, and according to the juggling koan, they get the bigger balls to juggle. In turn, your business grows, and now you lead them at a 50,000 foot level to delegate down the chain and on and on it goes. It’s not all just about you and how you can expand and grow, it’s also about giving good people a chance to become great.

I'm a new listener, and have enjoyed

I'm a new listener, and have enjoyed what I've heard so far. I agree with another listener about not needing the theory as much, and more interested in the how to. I went back to itunes to download the initial coaching podcasts as suggested, and noticed they weren't there. I found them on your website, but it looks like I can't download to listen later, and must have them playing on my laptop. Is there a way to change this or to post them on iTunes? I reguarly drive between Austin and Dallas, so laptop listening is not much of an option in the car. Thanks!

sarmstrong, ALL the podcasts are


ALL the podcasts are available in a single feed in the members-only feed (free membership) ... sign-up on the Manager Tools home page.


Great cast. I enjoyed the false ending

Great cast. I enjoyed the false ending schtik. Am I the only one who looked up QED while i listened?

Strongly suggest a great (and short)

Strongly suggest a great (and short) book by Ken Blanchard on delegation - The One Minute Manager Meets the Monkey. In addition the the economic reasons, effective delegation increases employee engagement, reduces turnover, increases employee self-esteem, and many other positive business outcomes.

Mike and Mark, I argue that

Mike and Mark,

I argue that delegation feeds the engine of the Trinity. Delegation give the manager, and reports, fodder for the one-on-ones, and creates opportunities for feedback and coaching. Without delegation, what would there be to talk about, and work on developing?