How to be Persuasive in a Presentation (Part 1 of 2)

Questions This Guidance Answers: 
  • What is the persuasion matrix?
  • How do I use the matrix?
  • Can I persuade anyone?

This cast describes how to think about being persuasive in a presentation.

One of the most maligned arts in professional life today is persuasion. The classic case of persuasion falling out of favor is how often professional sales people are viewed as golfers with big expense accounts. Or, perhaps even more perniciously, why is it that all of the sales roles in technology firms are called "Business Development"? Sales is associated with persuasion, and that taint keeps far too many managers from embracing the real value of persuasion.

But we all know that we have to do it, right? Admit it: you know that you're going to be called upon to persuade others. Just because you wish you could just MAKE people do what you want, or that they would "just see it my way!" doesn't change the fact that every manager is expected to be persuasive.

Here's how to begin to think about it.

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Hi everyone, This tool/method of

Hi everyone,

This tool/method of persuasion is very interesting. Also some people would say, - this was quite logical.

I am much exited to listen to the second part of the podcast and to get on the level of effective communication - like after I had listened and practiced the DiSC model.

Yours sincerely


Are the shownotes/slides available for

Are the shownotes/slides available for this one guys?

Hi guys, Think I've seen this model

Hi guys,

Think I've seen this model in book about sales presentations - a behavioral approach. Never got to the interesting part though.

I look forward hearing M&M practical and spesific experiences with the model, and the How To approach!

Great stuff, and great topic!

- Magnus -

[...] Podcast - Part 1 and Part 2

[...] Podcast - Part 1 and Part 2 [...]

Hey guys any presentaion along with

Hey guys any presentaion along with this presentation? They're always helpful to make the point. Keep up the great work!


Chris, We'll get that out shortly.


We'll get that out shortly. Our apologies for the delay; we know we fell short here.

And, by the way, your note was a WONDERFUL example of reminding us of our obligations in a polite and professional manner. Like effective feedback (and to be clear, posting on the web would never be considered Manager Tools feedback), your note *encouraged* us to change our behavior. We appreciate that ... thank you!


[...] How to be persuasive in a

[...] How to be persuasive in a Presentation [...]

Mark Mike just a quick note on

Mark Mike just a quick note on "prewire". I believe it comes from the engineering industry in which as much componentry and control equipment as is possible is assembled and prewired at the manufacturing site, providing the opportunity to remedy any minor problems or glitches before the larger component is delivered to site. The amount of work and uncertainty at the site is therefore reduced. Sounds very much like your recommendations to do the pre-work and remedy the minor problems or glitches before the product is delivered to the final audience, with the aim of a smooth problem free run to the desired outcome.

Sirs, I don't know where to send


I don't know where to send this mail from, I hope it gets to you.

My name is Rodrigo Cáceres, 30 years old, from Chile.

I started listening to your podcast 2 years ago, when I started working as an Academic Coordinator and teacher for a company owned by a friend and his partner (

It was only 2 people working full time, plus me. 8 students. 4 teachers. That was the scope of English at Work.

I listened to your podcasts on delegation (although I had no one to delegate anything to), on working with your adman (no adman), giving feedback, having 1 on 1ns, etcetera. The thing is, I listened to topics that I had no way of implementing at the moment (firing, talking about body odor, reviews, running large meetings, etcetera).

But we have been growing. 2 years have passed. I am now the Academic Director and one of the partners (a percentage of the company was given to me). We are 20 people working full time (I supervise a team of 12), 60 teachers (I supervise 20 of them at this moment), and 2000 students in Santiago and all around Chile.

Needless to say, those podcasts which I listened to 2 years ago suddenly started becoming SO useful. I started implementing everything as I started getting the chance to. I have weekly 1 on 1ns with each member in my team, I am excellent at time management (followed all your suggestions on calendar and emailing), i have had to fire people, I have had to hire people, perform interviews, make presentations, etcetera, always under your guidance. Things have just been clicking.

It has been magical, really, the way everything has come together. I feel I have a real advantage, in the sense that I did not have any bad habits (since I was not really in any managerial role when I started working here and listening to you) as a manager. I listened to you just on time for me to start growing and becoming, slowly, the manager I am becoming now.

All I want to say, guys, is thank you. I know that results in our company and my career would not have been as they are had I not listened and studied to your podcasts. Thank you very much, really.

Kind regards,

Rodrigo Cáceres.

Rodrigo Cáceres Ch
(02) 243 3937 Sede Las Condes
(02) 251 1783 Sede El Bosque
(09) 886 9233 Teléfono Móvil

Rodrigo- What a kind and generous


What a kind and generous note. Thank YOU for sharing with us YOUR success, and we are humbled that you have used our work to make your world a better one.

That magic you feel...that's just YOU treating others with respect and dignity. We feel blessed that we played a SMALL role.

Muchas Gracias