Silicon Valley and Chicago

We have Effective Manager and Effective Communications Conferences going on in Silicon Valley and Chicago this week.  Stop by at 5.30 on Tuesday for the Q&A!

Clients & a Brand New Conference

Mark is with clients all this week.  Maggie tell us that the number of client days is already limited in Q1 of 2015.  If you'd like us to train your team on site, saving travel costs, and having your team back at their desks and effective on the SAME day as training, email Maggie at

We're also working on a brand new conference day... watch out for the announcement in the next week or so!

Websites & Top Secret Projects

Mike's working on prioritising the website enhancements list and Wendii is working on a top secret new product :-).  

Dani and Lynnette are presenting Atlanta, and Mark is in DC and then with a client.  You're welcome to join any of our presenters after 5.30 on Tuesday and listen to the Q&A session.  

Presenting and Trinity Rollout Emails

This week, Mark is presenting our Effective Manager Conference (EMC) & the Effective Communications Conference (ECC) in Newark and then with a client in NJ. Dani and Lynnette will be in Dallas presenting both the EMC and the ECC. You’re welcome to join any of our presenters after 5.30pm on Tuesday and listen to the Q&A session*.
For all of our licensees, if you didn’t get the note, we've updated the Trinity Rollout Emails - there's now more emails tailored even more closely to your rollout. If you're getting ready to start the Trinity, you need to start the emails arriving in your inbox. You can do that here.
*All of our staff would be delighted to meet you for coffee, breakfast, lunch and dinner or any meal in between. However, when they're not presenting, they are meeting with clients, other Manager Tools staff or getting home to their families. We hope you'll understand that we have to decline your kind invitations.