I had the good fortune to find your podcast about 5 years. I had recently moved to a different industry, and when I did so took a step back from a role as a front line manager to be an individual contributor. I had aspirations to move back into management, but through your guidance realized quickly how many things I had done wrong the previous several years as an operations manager. More importantly, I also learned that correcting my behavior wasn't too difficult, thanks to your guidance. It took a little over a year after that to implement new behaviors, (almost like there is an 18 month rule for promotions!) meet my goal, and about a year after that advanced to a director position to oversee several managers. The more rewarding part is that I initially had 6 direct reports, and all 6 have also since received promotions as well (some managers, some to high level individual contributors). This has results in cascading value to organization that I never could have accomplished on my own, which is why I’ve come to realize the necessity of rolling out your guidance more broadly. I've recommended your guidance to at least dozens (maybe hundreds) of people, since I know of no better opportunity to learn and grow as a professional. Thank you again for everything you and your organization does!

Brett Minner