The series was good. I was going through some internal interviews shortly after purchasing the series. I was already following the resume advice, and it helped me select stories to tell that would be relevant to the skill sets the roles asked for. The "close" concept was great. Quite uncomfortable to do, but I could tell it set me apart in the interviews. Some of the folks working for me have been preparing for interviews over the past few weeks. I was able to verbally share some of what I had learned with them. Hopefully it helped them prepare better. On the email pacing, it would have been good if I was just gearing up for a job search. In my case, the relevant interviews were done in the first two weeks after I purchased the material. I had already listened to everything before most of the e-mails come in. The good news is just about every Manager Tools email ever written contains something I can learn from. That meant I was still eager to open them.

Justin Bethancourt