I just wanted to say that the interviewing series is the best investment in my career I have ever made! I first purchased the series a long time ago and I relisten to the casts whenever I am interviewed. This time was slightly different as I have been out of the work force for 5 years. I decided to resign as my children had some health challenges and then once those had resolved I chose to go back to school and get a Master's degree. I rejoined as a licensee last year in the run up to finishing study, but by the time I had completed my thesis, we entered into a new world with Covid19 and the job market completely changed. As I revisited all my personal costs I decided to stop the MT personal license in the security that I always had the Interviewing Series. And it did not disappoint. Given that I had been out of work for so long, I relistened to nearly anything. I still had my file cards from previous interviews going back a number of years which were a great beginning to preparation as it is amazing how many accomplishments I had forgotten about in 5 years! But the best advice is about enthusiasm in an interview. I had an interview last week and although I was naturally nervous I felt confident and prepared. And enthusiastic. I am delighted to tell you I start a new job later this month! I will be returning to the licensee community once I get my first paycheck! Thanks so much. I have been a listener since your early days when I was a new manager without a clue on how to manage people.

Helen White