For the past 12 years, I have listened to Manager Tools. I had no formal business training. My knowledge was self-taught through books and books-on-tape, but mostly as a proud student in the school of hard knocks. There have been four companies via three acquisitions later: - 4M to 35M division in 500M company - 500M to 1 Billion - 1 Billion to 2.5 Billion (Shutterfly bought Lifetouch this past January) When I started Manager Tools, I was on Outlook and put in an annual meeting using CTRL+Shift+K, and it carried over to my Google Calendar -- that meeting popped up yesterday is to remind me of the anniversary of your founding. Once a year, I reach out to thank Mark and Mike, and now also Wendii, Maggie and the rest of the team, for your help in my career and professional growth. It's a great thing to know who to thank. I know that I could not have continued to grow in my career without you. You all are making a difference. Your work has meaning. On behalf of myself and many others who do not know it is your anniversary, thank you, thank you, thank you. If there is anything I can do for you (other than to continue to be a loyal licensee), please ask.

Mark Hommerding