I wanted to give you an update on my situation, which (bottom line up front) has been tremendously successful. Everything that you and Manager Tools have done for me has enabled a smooth transition to an exciting opportunity with a growing company. Because of your assistance with the resume, I was able to interview with my top choice company. They called me for a phone interview and then invited me for an on-site interview. Many years ago, I had purchased the Interview Series with Manager Tools, and was able to review and practice responses to various question types. I purchased an audio recorder and refined my answers to my highest comfort level. At the interview I felt full of confidence and closed every interaction with a request for an offer. I took down my own self-restraint for energy and enthusiasm and let that carry into my delivery. After the interview day, the hiring manager told me that all of the interviewers were very impressed with me and that they would be contacting me soon. I received an offer from the company with a salary figure over 10% higher than my researched market expectation. The interviewers clearly wanted me on board. I listened to the podcast series on negotiation and prioritized the goodwill of the relationship with my new manager and accepted his kind offer without pushback (after listening to the casts on receiving and accepting an offer). I appreciate the perspective provided in those podcasts on the importance of the interaction between people and how trivial minor items can be when one has a whole career ahead. I start next month, and I am so fortunate for all of your support and guidance through these many years of my professional life. I began listening to the various podcasts in 2009 and it has enabled me to provide ethical and effective product for my employers. I hope to continue to develop from the Manager Tools actionable guidance. I can say without pretense that Manager Tools has changed my life for the better. When I first began my professional career, I sought means of self-development and Manager Tools has been the most complete source of directed professional improvement information that I have found. I greatly appreciate everything that you've done for me and for my brother with his resume review 5 years ago. If there's anything I can do for either you or Manager Tools, please let me know!

Daniel Denis