A while back I drank the kool-aid - I changed the format, reduced to one page, and eliminated the fluff at the top. The look of my resume was very similar to yours. The recruiter for my position said, "great looking resume, too bad we will use the online version which loses all your formatting." When I gave it to people who do lots of interviewing they all scanned it and while I was still standing there said, "you should be on the short list." That was within 10-20 second of having given it to them. They couldn't have read it all. They may have read a few bullets. In addition to maybe reading a little, they did see organizational skills through a document that was clean, crisp, to the point, and did not waste - these are important career skills and the MT resume provides a glimpse of your ability to do that. One comment I received: "You fit more onto one page that most people fit in two." Something I echoed in my interview, after handing out the pdf version to the panelists. By the way - I did get the job. Two applications, one resume, two interviews, one offer, one acceptance. Lots of work though - thank you to the Interview Series - help at every step.

William Elledge