I’ve been binge listening to Manager Tools podcasts for a couple of months. I stumbled upon the podcast during a management communication crisis with one of my directs in early April. While it was too late to implement the tools to solve that particular crisis, your advice helped immeasurably and the executive team complemented me for being the "adult in the room” during the crisis, which I can assure you would NOT have happened without your advice to fall back on (behavior, behavior, behavior!!) The tools have helped me produce noticeable change with both executives and directs already, even in such a short period of time. I purchased a license a few weeks ago and just realized what the Manage Your Trinity Rollout Email Series and the Interview Questions tool are. Really amazing stuff – can’t wait to dig in. I work for a non-profit where there’s not a lot of money for professional development or management training and no one ever teaches us this stuff. So Thank You!!