Brooke Hayes, the Executive Director, Procurement Transformation for the British Columbia Government, was recently awarded the Premier's Award for Leadership. The awards recognize recognize excellence and extraordinary accomplishments within the government services. Brooke credits Manager Tools with giving her the tools to be an effective manager. Of course, having the tools is one thing, implementing them as well as Brooke has is quite another. Congratulations Brooke!

Here's the journey in her own words.

Hi there,

This message is to thank you for your role in helping provide me with the tools necessary to be an effective manager. Earlier this week I was honoured with a Premier's Award for Leadership in the Province of BC, out of a staff of over 30,000. I credit feedback, one on ones and coaching for much of my success, along with an unwavering focus on relationships and results.

When I started my career as a manager, no one told me what was expected of me to be successful. As a personal licensee for the last several years, I have benefited directly from your weekly Manager tTools and Career Tools podcasts, as well as your well-crafted website and app. On several occasions I have reached out directly to Manager Tools, and always had prompt, professional, and personal responses relevant to my request.

For these things, you have my gratitude. A note from my deputy minister that was sent to the entire ministry is below for reference, along with a link to the video that is now publically available for the world to see. Thank you for your role in this success, and for your ongoing commitment to managerial excellence.

Best wishes,


E. Brooke Hayes | Executive Director, Procurement Transformation| Technology, Innovation, Procurement and Supply

From: MTIC Deputy Minister, MTIC:EX

To: MTIC All Staff

Subject: Brooke Hayes wins the Provincial Premier's Award for Leadership!

Good afternoon,

Huge congratulations - again - to Brooke Hayes, for winning the Provincial Premier's Award for Leadership!

Earlier this month, we congratulated Brooke for winning the Vancouver Island Award, which lead her to the Provincial stage. These awards provide an opportunity to recognize excellence and extraordinary accomplishments.

I have had the privilege of working with Brooke for the last 8.5 years, starting with the Ministry of Children and Family Development (MCFD) and then in our ministry since 2010. During this period, I have seen Brooke accept many challenging opportunities. At MCFD, she worked with the Aboriginal service providers to develop a first ever culturally sensitive service contract for Aboriginal services, and created the first draft of government's Aboriginal procurement guidelines. Here in MTICS, she helped us manage the very difficult task of transferring BC Ambulance-related services to the Provincial Health Services Authority. She was also our lead in working with the Ministry of Small Business (at the time it was Jobs, Tourism and Skills Training; now Small Business and Red Tape Reduction) in the "Doing business with government" initiative for small businesses; the introduction of the short-form Request for Proposals; and, of course, her work on Procurement transformation.

Brooke began her career in government in 2000 as a Clerk 9. Advancing in her career at such an early age is due to a leadership style that focuses on both relationships and results. She understands that leaders cannot be truly effective if they don"t have a keen interest in what will resonate with their team and stakeholders.

Please join me in congratulating Brooke on another incredible honour.

Sarf Ahmed

Associate Deputy Minister, Citizens" Services

Ministry of Technology, Innovation and Citizens" Services