OK so I've been looking for a good tool to organize tasks for my game Postmortem (spreadsheets only get you only so far!) and have been having a hard time finding something that fits my needs. May be a long shot to ask TTLG but figured why not.

Basically looking at SCRUM-like development, so need a way to make tasks with various (searchable) custom fields (type, department, priority, estimated complexity/hrs) and then a way to arrange them either on an overall "timeline" or groups representing individual sprints. Being able to have multiple users with assignable tasks would be nice to. So basically, a fairly customizable or project-geared virtual notecard board.

here's what I looked at so far:

* Trello - good for creating and managing tasks BUT majorly lacks in terms of task customiziation (no tags, only 6 pre-defined labels, no custom fields, no time estimates)

* ChilliProject / Redmine / Track / Mantis - good for task creation and assignment, but lacking in terms of timelining, grouping and visualization. Cumbersome to use for non-coders, and in some cases requires Ruby

* PivotalTracker - almost exactly what I need, except it automatically forces tasks into sprints based on its own estimates, which wouldn't be too bad if it had support for separate departments (right now a sprint treats all tasks equally even if they are done by different people at different velocities)

* GanntProject - nice graphic capabilities but becomes really cumbersome with many tasks spread across a long timeline (numerous weeks/sprints); not easy to "move" tasks around or customize them. Plus, mainly desktop non-collaborative solution

* Jira + Grasshopper - looks good too but also isn't free so holding off on that for the time being. I got a webserver but couldnt host their flat-fee solution myself (no spare PC that can run reliable 24/7).

I think I'll stick to Trello for the time being and as the needs grow maybe consider Jira?