Executive Tools™ is a biweekly/fornightly podcast, in the Manager Tools style, focused on how to be an Effective Executive.

Topics to be discussed in the next two years: Executive Reset, Session C, Talent Supply Chain Management, Executive Culture Matrix, Organization Tools, Mission & Role of an Executive, Executive Relationships, Compromise and Politics.


Many Manager Tools listeners over the last 16 years have been promoted to the executive ranks, and have been asking for this help.  We're launching in response to requests from our community.

There is not a simple answer to this question, because the definitions of manager and executives vary.

Executives are responsible for the long term continuation of the organization (whatever organization they're in).  Managers are responsible for the short term continuation (operations) of the organization.  As such, executives deal much more with the chaos of factors external to the organization: customers, competition in the marketplace, geopolitics, the environment, society.  Managers deal much more with internal systems and processes.

Executives as leaders have to make decisions about where an organization is going to go.  Managers get it to go there.  A healthy organization has both effective executives and effective managers.

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