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 Given my natural style to almost over delegate I was predisposed to like this book. 


Marquet though a twist of fate took command of a submarine (USS Santa Fe) he did not have the technical knowledge to run through traditional command and control methods.  To complicate things it was a poor performing ship with low morale.  He turned around not only the track record of the sub but also the advancement prospects of the men on board.


The book talks through how he did this - laying out the techniques along the autobiographical narrative.  I like books with a story to them - as Mark says good management is dull and some management books suffer from that.  I also like books that make recommendations rather than spout etherial concepts.  Turn the Ship Around delvers on both fronts. 


As a dyslexic I preferred to consume this as an audio book.  The downside of the audio book is that each chapter finishes with a series of questions to reflect on and these are not provided in an accompanying pdf.  However the book was so good I’ll be getting the dead tree version for reference.




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As a former Marine, it was great to see a military story.  I also listened to the audio version on my commute.  This book highlights a mistake (and how to avoid it) that I made not too long ago of delegating before the direct was ready.  Totally my fault.  Learned my lesson the hard way.  Maybe you can learn from this story.

It never hurts to have Covey on your side either. 


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