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I strongly recommend this book by Liz Wiseman and Greg McKeown (see, which outlines the the 5 key behaviours of great leaders who are able to get the maximum out of their people (called "Multipliers").  The book contrasts the Multipliers with the Diminishers, who seem to reduce the capabilitry of their organisations through their behaviours. 

A Multipler is a leader who is able to extract so maximum value and performance from their direct reports, colleagues and coworkers while a Diminisher is a leader who tends to suck the energy, excitement and passion out of their direct reports and coworkers.  Multipliers enhance the abilities of others while diminishers degrade the abilities of others.  My guess is that Mike Auzenne was a Multiplier throughout his leadership career (no disrepect to you Mark, but we don't hear much about your leadership style).

While there may be nothing new in this book, they way the authors bring together the concepts into a clear and coherent framework made it so easy for me to see the big picture.  Consistent with the Manager Tools way, it is not just a theoretical treatise, but contains actionable advice.

As a reforming Diminisher, who is passionate about getting more out of people, this book really spoke to me. 


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I thought this was an excellent book.  While the book goes over the top in selling its ideas at times, it is based on data and that part shines.  What I appreciated most about this book is that they wrap up the effective management into a single mentality: "my people are smart and they will figure it out."  Everything else is just helping them get there: bringing in the best people, giving them room to grow, demanding their best, and challenging them to work together to solve complicated problems.  They also provide starting points for those who do not follow these practices to get started.  I definitely recommend this book.


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I've only read the abstract but I can really identify with having to deal with the diminisher behaviour.  I have always had the idea of that behaviour in my head but great to have a name to put to it.

Conversely, the idea around multipliers that I like is to always realize that as a manager ideas may carry more weight than perhaps you like so its important to listen vs. talk to get your directs to speak up.  Love the anecdote of a manager taking the action suggested by his team which was NOT what he wanted to do and it was successful.


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I recently finished this book and was very impressed. Like many of us, I thought I was developing my people to the best of their, and my, ability. Multipliers opened my eyes to things I can definitely do better that will make my team more effective and prepare them for advancement.

I am now a recovering Accidental Diminisher!


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