William J McEwen

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As a Manager Tool’s listener, with each page that you turn, you will be able to associate the concepts addressed in this book to Manager Tool’s success. I am sure many of the registered and premium members would agree that we are married to Manager Tool’s.

The core principal that Mr. McEwen focuses is that for companies to be successful, they need to change the “4P’s” marketing concept to the “5P’s”, where the 5th P is “People”. People interacting with people are the key for companies to get their customers to marry their brand. Most Manager Tool’s listeners would agree that Mike and Mark care about us, we are confident in the quality of their product and their integrity, and therefore we are proud and passionate about recommending their site to others. This is a strong sign that customers are married to the brand.

Mr. McEwen builds his story of how people go through different phases of brand loyalty resulting in a strong marriage with the brand. At the center of each concept, the most successful brands have “People” that have interacted with customers. Those interactions have either lead to a strong brand marriage or a brand divorce.

“Married to the Brand” does have actionable points one can follow to improve your personal or company brand. However, the reader needs to read between the lines to learn how to apply the principles. In many cases the actions are not broken down into actionable steps, and left me thinking I need to read some parts over again and to think through how to apply the book’s ideas. This will require the reader more time to digest the concepts, so that they can then develop a way to address these paradigms with their team and senior management.

In summary, I choose to read this book to learn more about how to develop long term customers. Some principles in this book were new, others I had heard before, and now I have a new paradigm of thinking when it comes to branding products and managing employees so that they create experiences with customers so that the relationships last for a long time.