John Kotter

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This review was submitted by mauzenne.

This is the best book available about how to change the culture of an organization.  It makes the case for taking your time in the beginning, getting a GREAT team together, creating an emotional appeal ,and being happy with small wins early (and telling everyone about them).  It's so simple, you'll be amazed your firm didn't do it this way last time they tried to change.  But they didn't, did they?  This process is good enough to fall on your sword about: "if you're not going to generally follow this plan, I don't want to be on the team."  Yeah - it's that good.


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The description of this book on Amazon says it builds off of the ideas presented in "Leading Change" by the same author.  Would you recommend reading this other book first, or does "The Heart of Change" rehash the material as needed?

Update:  Mike answered offline, and he recommended going straight to "Heart of Change."


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