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A classic book that will probably never be implemented anywhere. Senge's principles are brilliant, and most professional managers need to know the basics of this book, which is well read among senior executives.  You need to understand systems thinking.  It will make you a better thinker of complex issues.  But it's unlikely to change your behavior, which is one of our watchwords here.  It's too academic.


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While it may seem too academic, I think this is one of the most significant books I have ever read. True, results come directly from behaviour ... but behaviour itself is often motivated (... why does one behave in one way and not the other?)

Systems Thinking (and associated disciplines like Theory of Constraints) is one of those competences that set apart great inspiring leaders from an action-obsessed manager. And Theory of Constraints is as practical as it gets in manufacturing.

Suffice to say, in addition to being and effective MT-type manager, your ability to be a thought-leader and solve intractable problems will always be that which sets you apart and this book can be a significant part of that.


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