Stephen Viscusi

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This review was submitted by Mark.

If you like Manager Tools’ actionable advice, and you want direct no-nonsense career advice about how to make it through a downturn with your job, this book is worth reading. 

It’s specific.  It’s direct, and it gives advice others won’t. Sometimes I’m thought a bit of a jerk for my style, and I often regret it.  But I don’t regret the truths I share, particularly when it seems everyone else is too nice to say some of this stuff.  You gotta like a book which says,

"Quit Complaining.  Look, the squeaky wheel may get the grease, but it's probably also going to get fired.  It really is that simple.  So quit complaining...Does your commute suck?  Too bad...Is your cubicle too small?  Don't want to hear it."

There’s good handshake advice here (though calling it a Viagra handshake was clumsy.) And listen, that’s probably an unfair quibble, because good handshake advice is decidedly rare.

Mr. Viscusi isn’t always right.  Some of his stuff about presentations is more dessert than main course, and probably a bit dangerous for many.

When I picked up this book to review it, it had been a few months since I had read it, and it had faded a bit in my mind.  But when I looked at it, I knew I had been wrong to let it fade.  It has one of the highest dog-ears per page rations of any book I've read recently.

I recommend it.