This cast describes how to think about being persuasive in a presentation.

One of the most maligned arts in professional life today is persuasion. The classic case of persuasion falling out of favor is how often professional sales people are viewed as golfers with big expense accounts. Or, perhaps even more perniciously, why is it that all of the sales roles in technology firms are called "Business Development"? Sales is associated with persuasion, and that taint keeps far too many managers from embracing the real value of persuasion.

But we all know that we have to do it, right? Admit it: you know that you're going to be called upon to persuade others. Just because you wish you could just MAKE people do what you want, or that they would "just see it my way!" doesn't change the fact that every manager is expected to be persuasive.

Here's how to begin to think about it.

This Cast Answers These Questions

  • What is the persuasion matrix?
  • How do I use the matrix?
  • Can I persuade anyone?

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