In this cast, we share what do effective managers do when a direct disagrees with the feedback you give them.

As much as many of the managers in our community love how much more effective our tools (particularly the Trinity) make them, it does seem that every once in a while, something goes awry in perfect-manager-land. A meeting still gets hijacked (even with a parking lot!), a struggling direct still fails (even with late stage coaching).

What do you do when a direct disagrees with your feedback? We think many newer managers - and particularly newer managers who are rookies with the feedback model - are stunned into a kind of affronted muteness. "What?!?", you think. She must not understand that I have just delivered the sine qua non of development guidance, in a form palatable for all. How DARE she argue. I am ... The MANAGER. This is... FEEDBACK. It is... SUPPOSED to work. Mike and Mark...SAID SO!

But it does happen, for a couple of reasons, and it's really not a big deal.

And we have the answer for you in this, the The Shot Across The Bow show.

This Cast Answers These Questions

  • What do I do when a direct denies the action I'm giving feedback about?
  • What is the Shot Across The Bow?
  • How does the Shot Across The Bow work?

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