In this podcast, Mike and Mark share a technique managers can use to give feedback to their team members.

Feedback is the most frequently-used tool of effective managers. What is feedback? Feedback shows someone the impact of their behavior, allowing them to change ineffective actions or continue doing things that help the team achieve its goals. The dirty little secret of most managers is that while they are DESPERATE to get feedback from their bosses, they then visit that same sin on their own team. Every time Mark asks groups of executives and managers if they'd like more guidance and response from their boss, everyone raises their hand. On the other hand, every group also believes that their team is hearing everything the team needs from them. Of course, it's not true.

Mark and Mike updated the Feedback Podcast in 2012 - the old podcast has been archived and the new podcast provided below.

This Cast Answers These Questions

  • How do I give feedback to my team?
  • Can I give feedback in public?
  • How do I tell people they're doing it wrong?

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