Trinity Rollout Email Product

Step by step instructions for your rolling out One-on-Ones, Feedback, Coaching and Delegation in an interactive email series. Over 100 emails over the course of six months.

We know that managers love the idea of the Trinity, but don't implement it. Many of you would like to attend a conference but you just can't. We've designed the Trinity Rollout Email product to answer that need for just $35. Manager Tools Licensees, you are entitled to this product as added value to your license. Please login to receive subscription instructions.

What You Get

  • 100+ emails timed to your rollout
  • ALL of our guidance. ALL of it
    • How to handle resistance
    • When to start
    • How long to go
    • When to go slow, and when to speed up
  • A link on every email to allow you to ask ANY question you have
  • All the emails available at any time for you to look forward and look back

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Spend 35 bucks to get help doing the most important thing we know managers need to do.