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The "Dangle"


My brother was an All American volleyball player in college and competed for the national championship. He was on a club team once that often won matches with scores like 15-2, 15-4, 15-3.

Sometimes, though, match scores looked like this: 15-7, 8-15, 10-15, 15-5, 15-2.

What happened there?

The "dangle."

They KNEW they could beat the other team... so they took it easy for awhile, and lost a couple of games. They thought of this as "dangling" a possible win in front of their opponent...

Your Customer Service Stinks


Our resume cast may be one of the most appreciated casts we've ever done. When we posted that show, I decided that I would give in to my "Dark Mark" side and just tell everyone how I felt. Thus, "Your Resume Stinks." It's true. I meant it, and hoped my candor would motivate change ( I think it did).

And no one seems to have minded the title. Thus, this post's title.

Your customer service is probably far worse than your resume.

[And hey - I'm talking to YOU. Not the customer service "department". YOU. Your team has customers, internal or external.

What Does This Make You Think?


The Wall Street Journal ran an article last week entitled, Firms Search for Technical Talent. The article detailed that many firms are struggling to find competent people for technical openings, such as mechanical, electrical and chemical engineers, and computer science and information technology majors.

So, you're a manager in one of those companies. I'd like to hear from some of you: what does an article like that make you think of?

Does It Matter If You Have a Clean Desk?


Seriously - do you think it matters how clean and neat your desk is at work?

It does.

The idea that it doesn't is preposterous. We judge people - I use that word carefully but accurately - for attire, vocabulary, speech patterns... all things that we believe in some way reflect or shed light on their ability to perform. They're only proxies, perhaps. They're not de facto predictors. They're just our own heuristics at work. If enough of us share the same heuristics, it's culture, and it makes a difference.

More WSJ Support On Interviews


Sometimes I harp on interview behaviors. I do so only partly because I used to be a recruiter. Also, it's because interviewing is routinely done so poorly that sometimes it boggles my mind.

I understand WHY people stink at interviews. There are all kinds of reasons, but basically, gross lack of preparation is the big one.

A Great Post Which Proves: You're Not Alone


One of our British members posted something today that was so good I wanted to highlight it.

In order to do her post justice, some background. Quite often when I am coaching someone, I get a comment that sounds something like, "hey, I know everybody else knows this, so I couldn't ask you except in private. What do I do about 'X'"?

The thing that USED to catch me, but now just makes me smile, is the "everybody else knows this." It's as if every manager I've ever coached is the ONE who doesn't "get it", and they're deathly afraid of being caught.

Well, here's the truth.

I almost forgot to vote!


And I was afraid you might as well, so this post is to remind you to do so.

Funny how it happened. I had had a busy day, and a listener wrote a nice note and said he had voted in place of buying a subscription "because you guys wont' let me do that yet ;-) !" And it hit me, at eleven o'clock at night: I hadn't voted!

You can vote here.


Monthly Cast is Up... WITH COLLATERAL!


We're pleased to say that our "monthly members only cast" went up yesterday, just before the end of the month. It is, "How To Prepare For Your Own Review".

What's more, you don't even have to be registered this month - it's available to EVERYONE. We did this once before, with our December '05 cast, and got lots of new registered members. Mike and I are not natural marketers, so sometimes we're not as clear as we could be about the value proposition of everything we offer. So, we thought we'd let the content speak for us.

This cast is special because we're showcasing the kinds of collateral that will come with ALL casts to Individual Licensees. In addition to the free cast, we've created free collateral content to support it:

- a PDF of the show's transcript - it's 16 pages!
- a PDF of a PowerPoint show covering all the key points of the show
- a second PDF of the same PowerPoint, optimized for printing (no color background)
- a custom note taking form to help you with the 6 hour (over 12 weeks) process of gathering your data.

These are the kinds of collateral we plan for every show, every week (and month) for all Individual Licensees. Just think of creating a series of binders with all the content in it, every show, all the details, all the background.

We'd love to hear any comments, positive or negative.

Thanks for waiting!