Outplacement Assistance

Manager Tools offers a combination of our Interview Series and Resume Workbook at a special price for companies laying off staff.

A company representative will receive coupons to distribute to staff at will, giving them access to the Interview Series and the Resume Workbook.

Interview Series

The Interview Casts Are 15 Podcasts, with shownotes and slides, that cover the entire process of Interviewing. We believe it's the most complete and detailed repository of actionable interviewing in the world.

Topics Covered:

  • How To Prepare For Interviewing
  • How To Write A Cover Letter
  • How To Prepare Your Resume
  • What To Wear During An Interview
  • The Five Parts of An Interview, Horstman's Laws of Interviewing, and The 5 Biggest Mistakes Made
  • How to Make a Good First Impression
  • How To Answer 'Tell Me About Yourself'
  • How To Answer Behavioral Interviewing Questions
  • Two Examples of Behavioral Interviewing Questions
  • How To Ask Questions In An Interview
  • How To Close
  • How To Handle An Offer
  • How To Handle Salary Discussions
  • How To Follow Up
  • How To Handle Phone Interviews

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Resume Workbook

The Career Tools Resume Workbook is all of our detailed resume guidance in one place, to allow the reader to create their own one page, exceptional resume. We've made it as easy as we possibly can for anyone to create a resume that gets interviews.

There's 50 pages of guidance, including right and wrong examples to make every point as clear as possible. There's another 10 pages of step by step instruction taking a candidate through actually constructing a resume.

What's covered? Everything we know about resumes. From how to display the candidates name to what to do when there's overlapping jobs. From what font to use to how to ensure a resume really speaks to the hiring manager.

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