One Kind Thing: Chocolate Thank You

I recently discovered a new "One Kind Thing" that I can do for people around the office. I call it the Chocolate Thank You.

Take a Post-It note off the pad. Turn it with the sticky side up. Set a Herhey's minature on the right side of the sticky band. Then write a quick thank you on the sheet.

I've been using the medium size notes (3" by 3"). It is something that I can do quickly, like feedback. It is something that is rare around the office. It reinforces positive things that others have done for me.

It came to me when someone in the finance department was able to expidite a request for me. I was late in getting the information to them and my delay created a rush request on them. They were able to complete the request quickly so the team wasn't late. I had a bowl of Hershey's minatures on my desk. I grabbed a Post-It note, flipped it over so the chocolate would stay with the note. I jotted a quick, thank you on the note. I was getting to this after most of the office had left for the evening, so I left the note on her desk.

The next day she mentioned that it was nice to get the chocolate and the thanks for the extra effort she put in. It was great to see how big an impact such a small gesture had. For the past week I've been able to recognize many people outside my team of directs who have supported us in some way outside  their defined role or job description. It gives that extra punch to a heartfelt thank you.

Sometimes I get to hand it to the person and say thank you directly. Other times I've had to leave it on their desk as I'm headed to a meeting near their desk.

At least one of the folks in our office is alergic to chocolate. I've found that a hard Jolly Rancher is a pretty good substitute. I can keep a bowl of each on my desk. People stopping by can grab one. They are also ready when I want to put together a Choclate Thank You.


What a great idea!


Thank you for sharing your idea for the "one kind thing."  I've been trying to imagine how I could implement this tool and your solution sounds like a great way to start.  Thank you again!


DiSC 7114

Great Idea!

My organization is going through a major transformation right now. This is a great idea, although in our case, valium might work better than chocolate.-)