What podcast shows Manager Tools at it's best?

 Which single podcast should I give to my high D, I boss to listen in order to prove to him that listening to manager tools and career tools is a good idea?


My boss knows I listen to these podcasts and jokes about it regularly. I've told him I can find a podcast that he will find useful.


He is a high D & I, (one of the highest I you will ever meet), reporting to another High D, I and has 3 high C's reporting to him (including me, a high D & C).


He's a "self made" manager, believing his previous management training was mostly pointless and that management is just getting stuff sorted. To that end he does not value the annual appraisal process either.


I know the value the podcasts give me but I'd really like to find something that chimes with him, any suggestions?

Hard question!

This is such a hard question as there are so many casts and they are all good!

Maybe as he is self-made manager, he would appreciate a cast on how he can develop himself better:


I'm interested to see what others suggest!

Good luck,


 Assumptive Goal

 Assumptive Goal Setting is brilliant!


I've just listened to it again today and it is just SO good!


I got some new ideas today for how to put it into work for me again.





Prewire and DiSC

 I like the above suggestions -- I'd recommend the prewire cast:


Last year my company was in bankruptcy and me and my whole team were waiting to get laid off.  It was a challenge to keep everyone focused (including myself), but it gave me a unique chance to share some MT wisdom with my folks during weekly staff meetings.  I shared how to write a resume, interviewing strategies, etc. during my "special topic" each week.  Hopefully I never again have to train my staff on how to look for a job, but I know they appreciated the information since many of these people had been with the company 10, 20, or 30 years and hadn't gone through an external job search in quite a while.

However, once I'd covered the basics of job search, I wanted to share what I thought was one of the most powerful topics they could apply in their next position.  I didn't want to share a manager-specific topic, since most of them weren't going to be managers in their next role.  The topic I chose was about how to prewire a meeting.

Another topic (although it spans several podcasts) is the DiSC concept.  It's a simple but effective way to get a quick read on how to communicate with someone who may not share your default communication style.

Maybe none?

 I'm not sure you'll find a podcast that your boss will like. I have a highly effective boss that absolutely dreads the casts (she thinks they're too american). Many professionals I know doesn't think highly of reading books to improve their effectiveness and listening to podcasts would just be a laughing matter. My strategy around spreading manager-tools is to:

a) Implement the tools and whenever somebody (occassionally my boss) is impressed or intrigued by something I can refer them to the cast(s) detailing the method.

b) If somebody asks for advice on a career or management related issue referring to MT is often part of the advice I give

c) Casually mentioning the podcast and the value it gives me, or a new tool I am looking to implement.

With that said my favourite podcast at the moment is the "New Direct - First Day Meeting"-cast.


 I would echo the previous comments about not putting too much effort to finding the perfect podcast for your boss.  I was successful getting my (high D) boss to better understand and implement some of the recommendations after showing how I was able to use them and achieve more effective results.  One thing I did, which worked quite well, as explained in the casts on effective meetings, was to suggest that we run weekly staff meetings following the guidance.  My boss was agreeable.  I also offered to facilitate the meetings so he could focus on participating more fully when he needed to.  He loved that change.  It's been just under three years, and now we've gradually implemented more and more MT recommendations, with clearly better results for our organization.  

Of course, since you asked, I would have to say that a couple of my personal favorites, which I use regularly, are the Hotwash and Interview Results Capture Meeting.  Great stuff.