Hi everyone - thought you might like to use this to illustrate the importance of good meeting management!!!  (I was in a meeting of 18 people today that was so pointless and it must have cost at least $2000!!)



Meeting Timer

I like http://www.bringtim.com/ since I can have it on the out on the meeting table as a reminder to spend time effectively. - Sam

 Sam,   The meeting clock



The meeting clock is pretty cool. The majority of the meetings I run have at least one participant that is remote, so I will stick with the electronic versions.


The concerning part of the site is the suggestion that this would make a great boss gift.  If anyone that hits the site thinks giving this to the boss is a good idea, I would recommended just telling your boss he isn't effective in front of his entire staff.  Then you can use the money you saved by not buying the clock to buy thank you notes to use in your job search.  






but is everyone really costing that much?

These meeting cost counters are entertaining, but I find that they miss a key aspect about "cost."  Most people at a meeting aren't costing the company (additional) money by being there.  In other words, they won't be making more money for the company by doing something else.  (And if they could be, then they REALLY shouldn't be in the meeting.)

That said, bad meetings are annoying to everyone and should be killed.


Jack Vinson