Feedback or micromanagement?

 I recently introduced the feedback model to my staff.  When I explained how it would work 2/3 of my staff were adamantly opposed to it and felt that I would be micromanaging them by using this tool.  Should I force the issue and implant it anyway?



What were the specific

What were the specific nature of their objections?  I've been thinking of implementing too but wondering if I will come up against the same sort of opposition.  One thing that I think will be helpful is that I can say is that over time at least 80% of the feedback and possibly much more will be confirming i.e. positive feedback.

It will work

Assuming you're rolling out the trinity according to the guidance:

Most of the feedback, as CIM44 points out, will be positive.  I've never heard a direct complain about positive feedback. 

And the reason corrective feedback is so powerful is that you ask them, "what can you do differently?"  That is the antithesis of micromanagement.  It is empowering them to find the solution. 

And whether positive or corrective feedback, you are letting them choose what to do.  That is not micromanagement. 

Of course, what they are really saying is "Please don't pay close attention to my work."  Politely and respectfully let them know that you will be providing feedback. 

Pace yourself.  The process will work.  And make sure, most of all, that you follow this advice:

John Hack

It ties into weekly o3's and quarterly reviews

Remember that this is an all encompassing method.  Both you and your directs need to understand that feedback is the first step of a process that will lead to them to becoming more focused, more effective and therefore more valuable to the company.  The feedback should not only be given verbally, but in many instances, noted on your weekly o3 forms, along with notes in future meetings showing how they made the appropriate adjustments, or continued the good performance.  These weekly o3 documents then provide the basis for your quarterly reviews, which will then serve as supporting documentation to recommend them for raises and promotions.  They may not know it yet, but they really want you to do this.  It helps them advance more quickly in their careers. 

I agree with the previous comments too.  They're afraid it will be mostly negative, and something you use to hurt them.  So make most of your feedback positive, by a 10-to-1 ratio for the first 6 weeks or so, just so they learn not to be afraid of it.  Then you can scale back to the 5-1 ratio that is recommended and they will be comfortable. 

 To me giving people

 To me giving people feedback is not up to discussion or approval from directs. You cannot expect to be responsible for the work of Other people if you cannot give them feedback.  You can explain to your people That you giving them feedback is Exactly in the oposite direction of micromanaging because feedback is a tool That allows you to share experiences with them, to share with them what you know and how you believe, how you know, also because you respond to higher management, things should get done.  So once you start sharing That with them more often more and more they Will be Able to do things in the direction you need them to.

Do listen to the high c, d, i, s manager downfall podcast and access your people disc profile though both to be more effective on your feedback and also to dig into the micromanaging issue.  The problem is not the feedback, but people's response to it is telling you something else. Find out what it is.  You are probably not micromanaging them but they are getting the perception they are or could be. Some people also confuso micromanaging with being accountable for results and performance.  Nowhere Other than people's minds, making people accountable is micromanaging.

Good luck and do not get intimidated by them pushing back!