cover letter for recruiter?

Quick question to the community.  I will be sending my cv to a local recruiter in the near future.  Since I am considering an industry change, if a suitable role presents itself, what type of cover letter would I send?  Would I send one at all since I am not applying for a specific position?  Thanks much for your input.

Never send just a resume

 I'd call or visit first.  Recruiters see lots of resumes and cover letters and they have match people with many opportunities.  You  need to make yourself stand out in the crowd as someone they will recommend to a client.

Start with a phone call, discuss what you have to offer and how it matches current and potential opportunities they are recruiting for.

Follow-up with a letter (and 1 page resume) referencing the discussion, hight lighting your key attributes from the discussion and thank them for their time.

Follow-up monthly to keep your name fresh in the recruiter's mind - don't become a pest.

Add value for the recruiter.  If they present an opportunity that doesn't fit with you, but fits with (and is of value to) someone in your network, make the connection.  Don't just refer them - be the bridge.  That last thing you want is a recruiter becoming a nuisance to someone in your network.  It can reflect poorly on you.

Good luck with the change.