Interviewing with future directs

I have an interview scheduled with 3 engineers, who will be my directs if I get hired.  I'm looking for suggestions on preparing for this type of interview.

I've already had interviews with the hiring manager and his manager.  I sense this is the last interview before they make an offer.

First, when I was in the office for the last interview, everyone was wearing jeans.  I wore my "interview" suit for that interview, but am thinking I should dress down a bit for this one (sport coat / tie)  

Anything else anyone can suggest that might help me prepare for this type of interview?


Please Dress as a Manager

DO NOT DRESS DOWN.  Give the engineers the respect of the suit.  They may not be able to dictate that you be hired, but they can sure crush it.  Also you can bet that the person doing the hiring will be seeing you.  It's unprofessional to not wear a suit.   AND just how sure are you that the CEO isn't allowed to check in on the new hring candidate because he happens to be in the office?  What if the hiring manager doesn't see you, and his boss stops into his office, and he's so excited about the new candidate that he wants to introduce his boss to you?  I can see the door to the conference room closing after the introduction, and yoou hear "gee John, I thought he would be a good candidate.  Sorry about that."  How bad would that be?  The engineers wont care what you wear the managers and execs will.

What would you gain?


What do you stand to gain by dressing down for the interview?  Is it an attempt to demonstrate to your potential directs that you're one of them, or are you trying to send a message to your new boss?  

That aside, concentrate on your leadership style response, and think up some questions.  Ideally questions that will reveal inter and intra team dynamics, and also give you insight into their relationship with their previous boss.


  Good luck!

Not down

The lack of decent, professional interviewing clothes continues to astound me.  I have never interviewed in anything other than a suit & would be thrilled to see anything resembling one...but that's another rant.

Dress as if you are meeting the most important people in the organization.  You are.  Who should be more important to you than your directs?

Thanks everyone. After the

Thanks everyone.

After the first response I reconsidered my position. 

When I was in the first interview, the engineers were all wearing jeans.   But I went ahead and wore my suit anyways.

We'll see if it pays off.. that was my last interview.  So I should be hearing back shortly.