First Meeting with a New Team

Hi all,

I have just secured a new job as a Department Head at a presitgous school in Victoria, Australia.

It is a similar role to what I am performing now, however, it has a few extras as well. For example, I will be now involved with staff appraisals and interviewing prospective staff. It wil be more demanding than I am used to.

I was wondering how to approach my first meeting with my faculty members and whether I should get down to business right away or have a bit of a get to know you, this who I am session.

Also, two or three of the existing staff applied for the same job which makes me feel they will be highly critical of me from the start.

I prefer the down to business approach but was wondering what you think.

I have no formal business/management training but have had 4 years in my current role as Department Head at a much smaller school.



Congratulations on your new position!

You may find a few helps in this thread on the forums just a bit farther down than yours:

I think any promotion brings the excitement of new possibilities and (if you are smart) a desire to begin on the right foot with your new team. I wish you luck!


first rule for new managers

I am moving into a new position as well.  I found the following very helpful:

Even though I am not a new manager, the cast really applies to anyone taking a new role within a new or current organization.