Inteviewing Dilema- "to leave or not to leave"

Thanks to everyone for this wonderful community!  So far, I've been more like an active listener for content.  I have taken much from this and applied to my personal situation with great results.

BLUF: I want to change jobs. Currently in an interviewing process with my top choice of employer for that is taking longer than I expected.  So far no proposal...  It seems like they want to hire me in 3 different management areas (business, risk, operations).  My experience suits all three areas positions.  THE DILEMA: Recently got promoted at my current job- which also means I'm leading a new project that will end in 3 months.  I got a good chance at getting an offer from the hiring company that I won't be able to refuse.  It will not look good in my resume (I mean: I will really cause a bad impression at my current job) if I don't deliver this project to completion.  It is very relevant to the success of my organization.  What can I do to delay this process, without ruining my shot at getting the job? 

If the above caught your interest, here's a little more background... I'm happy at my current job.  I got a quite prosperous career in corporate and investment banking.  Recently got promoted and with a promissing carrer plan oversought by my seniors and HR.  Seems awesome... not quite.  Something is missing and this is that I see myself fulfilling a more integral personal satisfaction if I were in Development Banking.  Key difference, I would generate results for developing countries, reducing poverty, etc.; whereas in my current job I'm generating results for the stockholders...

Thanks in advance for your advice/comments.


You cannot control the process

You can't control the process, or even influence it.  Attempts to manipulate the process will be apparent and will reflect poorly on you.  Don't try it.  

And you don't have an offer.

Sometimes we are faced with hard decisions.  You aren't there yet.  IF you get there, then you'll have more data for making a decision (like you'll actually know what's being offered).   

This sounds harsh, perhaps...and yet you really ought to wait until you have an offer before you work through these issues.  Let us know how it goes.

John Hack

They want me... I know it

John... I'm sorry.  yep, no offer.  They keep calling me.  It seems that they are not making decisions.  I think I can pull this delay deal.

Will keep you posted.



The process was delayed to what seemed like an eternity.  I was proposed a position late 2009 which I decliened, as it was not my top choice.  I'm happy to announce that I finally got the job I was looking for. 


Well done!  And thank you for updating us here on the forums with the outcome.  

John Hack