She just doesn't get it

One of my employees has a hard time following directions.

I'm not sure what the best way to approach her is. She is the office assistant and I am her supervisor, so she helps others out in the office, not just me.

A form she does on a daily basis, (which is very contingent on accuracy), has a notes section for her to follow. Most are blank, but ones with notes she doesn't always read. Luckily, the individual with the complaints has caught these mistakes.

It is my job to make her aware of the importance of this...and I least two or three times....

Any suggestions on what I might do to re-inforce this? Maybe just a write-up...or is that too harsh?

Mind you...this isn't the first item I've had to re-iterate. But after three times she got the gist of the last correction.

The feedback model

Have you been using the feedback model recommended by Mark and Mike? 

John Hack

and if that fails....

Go to Systemic Feedback

Hadn't heard it at that point


I've listened to the podcast and thought it gave terrific advice on how to deal with behaviours. I will also look into the systematic feedback...just in case. :)