Hello from Scotland

Hello to everyone at MT

I'm a retail store manager with Lidl's a discount supermarket that is experience tremendous success at the moment.

I've just completed my first weeks O3's and have learned more about my team in these meetings than the previous 6 months of working with them.

They have been very receptive to O3's, feedback and the coaching model, unfortunately I cannot say the same about my superior. He has been very resistant to these techniques and I have had to resort to conducting my O3's on my own time :cry: .

I have been listening to the podcasts when I've been cleaning the kitchen, commuting, having a bath, while the wife watches her soaps, basically any time I can fit them in. Very addictive!

I look forward to future podcasts and chatting in these forums!

Hello from Scotland

Welcome to the forums. Good to hear that you're seeing the value.

You can't change your boss, but you can get promoted... :wink:


Hello from Scotland

Welcome! Enjoy the forums too!

Hello from Scotland

Welcome to the MT community frogeater. You're actually using the MT tools and getting results. Keep it up. I'm glad to hear MT is being used in a supermarket. Regarding your boss, check out the managing your boss cast.

Hello from Scotland

[quote="US101"]Regarding your boss, check out the managing your boss cast.[/quote]

OOOOHHHhhhhhh..... I thought you weren't meant to manage your boss! :shock:

Thanks I'll check it out.

Hello from Scotland

Hello frogeater and welcome to the forums. Always remember it's not your job to change your boss. It sounds like you're doing the right things, kudos to you!

I love your signature line. Being the only male in my home I feel the same way!