Meeting my new Team: What to say?

Summary: When meeting the new team, what shall I say? Can I use the "first day communication with a new employee" guide here or introduce Ono-on-Ones, or just myself?

I would like to get input on my first day in my new position.

I have taken a new position as a manager in a new town, in a new company and I am planning my first steps there. The first week will be mid January. My new boss suggested the Monday Weekly with the team to tell the team: Here is your new Boss.
Before (in Dec.) there is a workshop for my future team and my new boss invited me to go there and meet everybody in person (since the team is split in three different locations). I do plan on taking this chance as well (pretty much 30 min. at the beginning and than leave, because I do not want to take over their workshop).

"The 30 min. Training in Dec." I would use for: Hi, I am Sebastian. Family Background, Education, Professional Experience, happy to join, Questions. Thanks, meet you guys in January. Main Message: “Do not fear, I come in peace."

In the Jour-Fix on my first day I would like to say: Hi, I am Sebastian. Made it, excited to be here and ready to start. Questions? Okay, my plan for the first week is: Have 1 hour meetings with everybody to get to know you. Thanks. Main Message "Do not fear, I put you first."

But I wonder if I could / should say something like the Manager Tools recommendation for the first meeting with a new employee: Be honest, Be kind, Do well. Setting the tone, because this is really important to me. If not in those meetings, than when?

Suggestions, Opinions, Experience?

Thanks a lot.


Sebastian, Congratulations


Congratulations on your new job!  It sounds like you are exactly on the right track.  I would stick to your plan for both the December meeting and the first day meeting.  Save the first meeting with new employees discussion for your individual meetings with your new employees.

If you haven't already, check out these casts:


Your plan looks great. Just

Your plan looks great. Just be careful with the tone of voice so that you will get the right message across.

Congratulations to you too!

Thanks, and...



first: Thanks for the helpful response.


So, I met the team Monday evening and Tuesday morning. I really like them, very technical oriented, mixed group.

Their was a dinner on Monday evening, and it was what I call "typical" team dinner. A lot of complaining about Sales (do not fill out our form), other teams (they do things double to what we do) and "they" (and then there is a decision, and I think it is not as easy as they think). So it was telling, gives me a lot to think about, and a rather good idea what to check on first: Communication, Communication, Communication. But, as Manager Tools teaches us, I have to wait to implement anything.

Thanks for pointing out those podcasts  to me. I did know the first and the third, but I will listen to all of them again. I took the first rule ("FIT IN, DO NOT START SOMETHING NEW") to heart. In the meeting, when I was going through my personal and professional history to give a sense to the team of wher I am coming from, one guy made (not took a call, he dialed a number, got up, moved a couple steps and started talking, while I was speaking) a call, then the Hotel brought a cable and people started messing around with it, and I did NOT SAY A WORD. I am not their boss yet, I am not with this company yet, I took a note about meeting behavior and I will address this at some other time.


So, thanks again, will keep you posted.



Thanks Tarina,

I did try to sound friendly. Just when one of the guys placed a call I got somewhat irritated (see post above). I stayed friendly nonetheless.