New manager running new office

Hi, everybody. I'm Susan Davis, and I'm the software development manager for the Toronto office of a technology company. My team is responsible for delivering our next-generation software platform. I had the luxury of being able to recruit our entire team, which let me set the bar as high as possible, and to recruit high performers rather than just looking for people with specific combinations of technologies on their resumes.

I've had a number of team leadership positions in the past, one or two of which had a matrix-y project management component to them, but this is my first time as the formal team manager with responsibility for hiring, firing, coaching, performance management, and so forth. I stumbled on MT through a recommendation in a technical blog that I read... and happened to choose the April 1 podcast on receiving feedback as the first podcast to listen to to see what MT was like. I was just about ready to flip the bozo bit on Mike and Mark and walk away when they admitted that the whole beginning was an extended April Fool's joke. I'm glad that I stuck around.

Our team uses XP as our development process, and I'm struck by a number of parallels between MT recommendations and things that we already do as a matter of course. In particular, the "soft wash" looks a lot like our retrospectives, minus the action step at the end.

Anyway, it's good to meet everyone, and I look forward to learning a lot.

New manager running new office

Hello Susan. Welcome to the M-T forums!

The April 1 'cast sure was a great one. That is a classic "intro to Manager-Tools" story!

New manager running new office

That is a classic intro story. M&M are probably groaning and rolling on the floor in pain to think that someone heard that first bit and almost believed it.

Welcome to MT. They're not bozos. If they are, they've fooled a bunch of us. :)

New manager running new office

Hi Susan. Welcome to the group.
The April 1st cast was a classic. Glad you stuck around to listen to the [i]real[/i] part of the cast.


New manager running new office

In all humor there is truth! It wouldn't have worked if y'all had seen through it right away. ;-)

Welcome Susan!


 Wow, it's been five years

 Wow, it's been five years since I made the jump to management. I started a new job today, at, where I'm back in management again after spending three years as an independent Agile Coach. It started as a way to get through the recession of 2009, and then I kept getting clients. But I've really missed being a people manager, and we're doing some really fascinating things here.