The Effective Executive


Peter Drucker

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The greatest management book ever written. 

The Greatest Management Book Ever Written.

Drucker delivers here the most powerful and simple insight every manager must know - one's time is one's scarcest resource.  This is a slim volume, and the best value on the list.  You may quibble with Drucker's insights on meetings, but it doesn't matter - just the first 50 pages are worth 5 years of management development training.

Read this book once a year.

Wear this one out


Nothing more to say.  If your copy is not falling apart, you need to get on it.

Your First Management Book


Of all of the management books you will read, this is the one that teaches you how to work as a professional. Combine the knowledge in here with professional dress, a basic understanding of politics & power, and an knowledge of how to persuade and influence others through relationship building - and you will become the rising star you always hoped you would be.


The Effective Executive - Peter Drucker

After reading the book recommendation on this site, I got a copy through  Simply, this is an excellent book, and while written back in the 1950's, the insights, advice, and recommendations are as valuable as ever.  I have also purchased the workbook that goes along with the text.

Effective Executive

 Just picked this up. Looking forward to reading it.

Does it matter which version

Does it matter which version you get. Amazon in the UK seems to have several versions?

Great book


 I just re-read it on the plane last week...  This is a truly great book.  If you manage people, or work with ideas, or have to make decisions, then you must read this book.

John Hack

Still a masterpiece


I first read this book in 1975 when it was required reading for my MBA program (in an international grad school outside the US). The principles and themes have been elaborated upon by Mr. Drucker over the years, and I have been a fan of his since then, both in pursuing other works of his, as well as seeing him present in person. I would recommend this book -- absolutely.

A Good Start

Ken Morrison

I am sure I read Effective Executive on some level during my education, but I read this with new eyes. I chose this as one of my first books from Mark and Mike's recommendations, and I am glad I did. Some of the examples are dated, but still very viable in today's environment. Drucker's teachings gave me an idea how Mark and Mike worked some of his instruction into their Conference and Podcasts. The book will help me measure and control my time, focus on a direct's strengths, and learn how to make better decisions. I was heart broken on Drucker's view of the computer age, but his stance makes great sense.

I read Effective Executive on the Kindle app and took advantage of the note and highlight capture. I now have notes I can refer back to from time to time (Thanks Mark for the great tip).

Truly, unarguably excellent


 The best book ever written about work in our time.

 Indeed a very good book.

 Indeed a very good book. The best I've ever read. A must-read book that will totally change and move you.  954-691-1102

 I strongly agree! This is

 I strongly agree! This is the best value on list. A perfect one. A must-read book that you'll never regret.  954-691-1102

Great Book


I finally broke down and bought it.  He's a great writer, and this stuff is timeless.


In my university study Business Administration this book and even Drucker was mentioned rarely. Strange. When listening to MT I encountered Drucker for the second or third time. After lisening to Mark and Mike for the tenth time mentioning the book I tried it at the library and bought it immediately afterwards. While written in '93 it is still powerfull. Timeless material.

Peter Joosten
consultant paperless office

Great book

 I really don't know how i never ran across this book over the last 20 years or so.  It is every bit as good as others have said.  Very readable, and a "must read".

Order place

 Just ordered from Amazon, I am strangely excited about its arrival having heard so much about it 


Order place

 Just ordered from Amazon, I am strangely excited about its arrival having heard so much about it