Stupid questions


In a recent interview with Alan Greenspan, two journalists asked him the question: “Before you were a professional monetary policy person, you were a professional saxophonist. What are the similarities between the two professions?’. Mr Greenspan’s answer was ‘Virtually none’. Which was a pretty clear answer. As my mother used to say ‘ask a stupid question, get a stupid answer’.

This made me think of stupid interview questions I’ve heard. In my previous job, I usually sat in with a hiring manager and sometimes I really couldn’t convince them not to ask a stupid question. Or they asked without warning and, since they were my customer, I couldn’t kick them under the table, no matter how I wanted to.

The worst thing about a stupid question is not really that you get a worthless answer. It’s that you missed the opportunity to ask a worthwhile question and get a worthwhile answer. It’s not just a wasting something you have, it’s wasting something you could have had too. Don’t waste limited time in an interview on stupid questions. Use the Interview Creation Tool!