How Not To Accept An Offer - Chapter 2 - Don't Say 'Yes, But'

Questions This Guidance Answers: 
  • How do I accept a job offer?
  • Can I negotiate a job offer?
  • Can I make changes to job offer conditions?

Our guidance on accepting offers - how not to do it!

We covered how to decline an offer a while ago and we still got questions about how to accept offers. Then we published 'Accepting an Offer' and we still got questions about what's okay and what's not. This cast covers questions we've been asked about accepting offers and behaviors which are definitely NOT okay.

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From a manager's point of view, I think it is great that a potential employee would tell me six months in advance that they have a potential medical condition/family change coming up and I would not expect this. Therefore I don't believe this is good advice to give to a person who is trying to advance their career.

Six months is a huge time frame and any number of things can come up during that time. I also don't think a hiring manager should be burdened with having to make a decision based on pregnancy or other medical conditions. It would be as if the candidate came into the interview and revealed their age, religion, race, marital status, number of kids, etc. I see where you were trying to go with the example and I think you were on the right track though.

Sometimes the best advice for an employee isn't necessarily in the best interest of their manager or employer. I'm sure this is something that Manager Tools/Career Tools have to balance from time to time.