Whatever you're doing...


..do it well. Or as Muhammed Ali put it: “Whatever I’d a done, I’d a been the best at it, if I’d a been a trash man I’d a hauled more bins of trash than anyone else!” I was reminded of this by a piece in Fast Company’s October issue talking about Apple and Microsoft.

It said: One former top designer’…discovered at Apple ‘workers carefully loading boxes so the logos all faced the same direction. “I asked why and one guy explained that he loved the look on people’s faces when … he revealed all the boxes perfectly aligned.”’

I find, there’s a pride in a job well done which invigorates you. I know when I cut corners, and I know when I’ve worked hard. When I’m being half-assed, I know it, and I don’t feel good about it. Whatever you’re doing – be it photocopying or creating a 10 year strategy do it well – even if no-one else will ever know. You will.


Got inspiration. Very good

Got inspiration. Very good writing for me! What we do we need do take that very seriously and not only that we need to learn something from that.

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