Making Contact


The founder of Kayak was interviewed in an article in October’s Fortune, and one part struck me. Talking about recruiting he says: ‘The joke at Kayak is, if we have a business trip out of San Francisco, when the plane lands, my colleagues will say, “How many people did you hire on this flight?”’

It reminded me of Mark, who regularly gets emails from people he met on a plane, gave them his email address and they follow up. How does he do it? This is what I’ve learned from those emails. He really does follow our guidance on greeting people on planes.

He’s interested in people and what they do. He’s enthusiastic about what we do. He’s kind and helpful to the attendants and the people around him. He actually invites interaction.

If you’re finding it hard to build your network, think about the opportunities you have when there are lots of people around. Do you invite interaction, or do you have your ‘don’t talk to me’ face on? Are you really making the effort?