How Not To Accept An Offer - Chapter 1 - Playing Two Offers Off Against Each Other

Questions This Guidance Answers: 
  • Why can't I play multiple offers off against each other?
  • Can I speed up an offer?
  • Can I slow down an offer?

Our guidance on accepting offers - how not to do it!

We covered how to decline an offer a while ago and we still got questions about how to accept offers. Then we published 'Accepting an Offer' and we still got questions about what's okay and what's not. This cast covers questions we've been asked about accepting offers and behaviors which are definitely NOT okay.

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Extra Content

comments on the podcast

I have a number of comments on this cast, which is a good and timely one, but I'll start with this.

In the podcast the example was given about a candidate considering one company over another because one offers 2 weeks vacation vs. the other at 4 weeks. At the risk of sounding like I'm missing the point, and I know that was an example albeit a valid one, if we take it on face value it brings up an interesting point.

The difference between 2 and 4 weeks vacation is significant. It's the difference between America, where people simply work too much and don't get enough down time, and, much of the rest of the world where even junior staff start with 21 days vacation. It's the difference between working to live and living to work.  

As an American overseas many years, and having benefited from better vacation policies than I experienced while working in the States, I can say that by virtue of the fact that this has been glossed over in the podcast as a demonstration of disinterest in the prospective company that in doing so it dismisses the candidate's personal needs. I have been in a similar situation and was in fact very interested in the company offering a much lower vacation allowance than I had been accustomed to, but felt it compromised my family and personal time. 

Two weeks vacation a year is nothing short of barbaric although I accept that is the standard practice in the States, where I understand many people are just happy to have any job under any conditions. Which is not ideal.

I believe that I'm a better worker because I have more than 2 weeks vacation a year. And I prefer companies who offer that better than those who don't. It shows they value their people and that they get work/life balance. much for a discourse on this.....

I thought my comment might start an interactive discussion, which is why I posted it.

I also mentioned I had other comments, perhaps I'll put them in the forum under a new thread. There is an existing thread discussing similar things. My reason for this is that I am currently in a similar situation, and it's a tough one for me and my family.