How Not To Disagree

Questions This Guidance Answers: 
  • Can I disagree with my boss?
  • How do I avoiding disagreeing
  • Can I disagree with anyone?

Our guidance how on not to disagree.

How not to disagree? Isn't that the same as agreeing? No. And, there's ways to do it and ways not to.

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 Hi - This was the first

 Hi -

This was the first Wendii-cast I have listened to, nicely done!  



DiSC 7511

How to not disagree about the Staff Union

Hi Wendii,

We are organizing a union at work. How would I not disagree with my boss or my boss's boss should this topic come up?


Excellent cast

I actually pulled this up in my play list today because I knew I was going to a contentious meeting this morning and I needed as much good advice as I could get.

Using the suggestions in the cast and trying my best to retire "but" and replace with "and" worked well.  Thank you.