DiSC, Email And Combination Profiles

Questions This Guidance Answers: 
  • How do I use DiSC in email?
  • How do I use DiSC in email when I'm emailing multiple people?
  • Can I cover all DiSC types in one email?

Our guidance on how to effectively email with people who have combination DiSC profiles.

We have covered email and DiSC profiles, and in that series we concentrated on the profiles which have a single 'high' tendency. What do you do if the recipient of your email has two high tendencies? A high D/I for example? In this cast, we'll help you with that.

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Yay! I screamed out loud at the xkcd mention! 

Obligatory: xkcd.com/435/

Dare I suggest that management consulting is just applied sociology?

Great stuff guys!

Nice comment E75

 I do love the XKCD series. Humour for geeks.


And Yes.

DISC email

Great stuff!  I love this podcast.  I found it also useful to acknowledge the unconscious perception (or emotion) I have when people send me emails.  The podcast is spot on, as a high I high D, I like an email with my name on it and if I know the person a quick how are you, but then I like the email to go straight to the point.  

I listen to this podcast and the podcasts on Rules of Politics on the same day and I sort of combined the two to reflect: "Wait a minute, it is not that I think the idea is not good, maybe I wasn´t opened to the idea because I didn´t like the way it was presented in the email."  And then I make a double effort to fully grasp the contents of the email, living my personal preferences to the side.

If someone is interested on a sample of a high C, high D and high S letter, bellow is a link to each. As I was looking for school for my kids I came across the Principals Letters, and I think I can tell what communication profile each principal is:

High C http://schools.dcsdk12.org/education/components/scrapbook/default.php?se...

High D http://schools.dcsdk12.org/education/staff/staff.php?sectionid=2907

High S http://runyon.littletonpublicschools.net/Default.aspx?tabid=6064

Life becomes more fun when we start observing people more.

High Ci

Thanks team! I wish you had said a little something about 'hard cases'. Any recommendations for info elsewhere?

I test as high C *and* high i — I enjoy critical analysis, I'm a perfectionist, extremely tidy, slow and deliberate with my work, but with a Latin sense of time, spontaneous, distractible, energetic, and energised by people. I trained as a linguist — a good field for someone who loves working out rules and working with people.

Your leads appreciated.  


Answering my own question

I found a group that discusses the hard cases.

Their analysis of high C high i (which they call 'relatively common'), is here: 


It fits me well. 

High D high S, which is uncommon, is here: