Calendar Management Details – Chapter 2 - Priorities In The Morning

Questions This Guidance Answers: 
  • When should I schedule my priorities?
  • Why do priorities get scheduled in the morning?
  • For how long should I work on my priorities?

This guidance recommends proactively scheduling time for your key responsibilities in the morning, versus afternoon or early evening, "when everyone's gone."

Most of us are terrible at managing time. We are terrible because first, you can't manage time, and two, we don't switch to thinking about our priorities, and managing THEM. And, alas, for many of us, as managers, if we DO schedule time for them, we do it at the END of our days - consigning them to the ash heap. Here's what really effective professionals do.

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Transition time between priority

Hi guys, great cast as usual.

I have a question: I often loose time between scheduled tasks plus I usually need a little break when I focused for 90 minutes let's say. By the time I start the "next action" I'm already 30min behind.

How much transition time would you recommend ?