What Your Resume Says - Chapter 1

We take 20 example resumes and give you our analysis of what they say to a recruiter.

This cast started as a question: how could we help people understand how their resume is read by a recruiter. We know what you want to say - and we know how that's interpreted. We needed some examples, so we put out a request. Over 100 listeners volunteered to have their resume critiqued.

For this cast, we picked 2. We've anonymized the resumes by giving them names from characters from The Walton's and by removing phone numbers and addresses. Otherwise, they're just as we received them.

We're not going to go over the format of resumes in this cast. You know our recommendations there (and if you don't, you can find them in "Your Resume Stinks"). For these casts, we're just looking at the content.

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4 page resume... and I'm

4 page resume... and I'm sure the person claimed to follow the casts exactly,...

Appreciate these casts

Passes like these provide little details each time that help.  I hadn't considered that bars used to differentiate sections would be a bad idea because they don't copy and paste well, for example.

^Tom, haha, go easy.  The people who volunteer to be picked apart are doing everyone a favor.  And not everyone will have gone through that particular set of casts, or will have had trouble doing the conversion.  It nearly killed me to go one page for the first time as a high C.


I could not find a great or appropriate place to put this comment so I apologize.  Wendii, you are doing a great job!  Thank you for the advice and guidance!