Podcast Awards!


The Podcast Awards are here, and we'd like you to nominate Manager Tools at www.podcastawards.com in the business category and for the People's Choice.

There are two periods during the Podcast Awards process - Nominations, and then Voting. The Nominating period has already started. This is where folks like yourself nominate podcasts to be considered for the awards. Once nominations are complete, the top nominees are then put on the list for actual awards voting.

Now is the time to nominate your favorite casts in all the categories on the front page of the Podcast Awards, in a one time only submission. Nominations close on October 15th. Voting will open around 1 Nov, and if we've been nominated you'll be able to vote every day for the awards. For Manager Tools you'll need to type the podcast name in the business category and copy this url into the url space: http://www.manager-tools.com/podcasts/feed/rss2.

We don't ask you because we like winning awards (thought it's nice, we like hearing from individual managers more). We ask because, as you know, our mission is to reach as many individual managers and professionals as possible and help them be more effective. The Podcast Awards help us reach more people. We want everyone to know about and benefit from Manager Tools, and we'd be honored by your nomination.

We'll remind you when voting starts so you don't have to remember that part now. Once again, that's www.podcastawards.com.

Your nomination helps us fulfill our mission. Thank you for taking the time to nominate us.

Career Tools

Is there a url so we can also nominate career tools?


Career Tools Feed

Yes there is. It is http://career.managertools.com/rss/rss.xml

Just notice that is one time only submission.  You can nominate just one in each category . 


Disc 1-1-7-7

High D's and High I's - Take Note!

 As per Wendii and Josemx:

  - All podcasts you are nominating must go on the same form, and submitted together!

  - Meaning, you press send once!


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