Moving With Your Job - Relocation Packages Part 1

Questions This Guidance Answers: 
  • What should I look for in a relocation package?
  • What factors should I take into account when relocating?
  • How do I make the decision to relocate with my job?

Our guidance how to make moving for your job easy.

Moving isn't easy at the best of times. Moving at the same time as changing your job, or even just changing locations for the same job adds a degree of complexity which makes the whole event even more stressful. There are plenty of websites with guidance on the logistics of moving, but less with specific guidance about how to move with work. So how do you make it less stressful?

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A New Voice

As always, I appreciate the specific and useful advice.  It's good to know, in the event that I have to relocate for work, there are casts like this one out there to support me.  

I also want to compliment the shift in roles and congratulate Wendii on her first podcast. What this shows me is that Manager Tools absolutely operates in accordance with the recommendations that are offered to the podcast listeners and conference attendees. There is no question that many of us long-time listeners have come to appreciate and enjoy the animated and engaging approach that Mark brings in consistently delivering high-quality podcasts.   As the business grows, however, it makes complete sense that the organization is best served by building capacity in allowing other talented professionals, like Wendii, to share the microphone.   Job well done!



Hi !

It is the first time I post although I remember following you in 2008 already...


First it is good to hear the so famous Wendii, well done. But where is Mike ? Hope everything is fine !

To add to the cast, I have received a relocation package for my first job. The company would pay back the move, the first flight, agency fee and some furniture. There was a total max value at 2000 GBP.

Something to be careful about is the payback process. Although you have a small relocation contract, the HR tends to "forget" what you agreed together and sometimes ask you to prove that you have tried the cheapest solution (DHL or UPS quote for example). Have a written agreement for everything.

thanks for casts


I've always had good relocation packages

When I graduated from college with chemical engineering and went to work for a big chemical company, I got moving, apartment help, and they paid the taxes on it. When I finished graduate school and went to work in pharmaceutical research, they paid all closing costs and real estate commissions to sell my house, paid all moving expenses, paid all closing costs, real estate commissions, and interest points to buy my new house, added another $15k, and the taxes for everything, total worth about $50k. They offered this to all new hires out of graduate school, but you only got the real estate commission fees if you already owned a house before you moved. I've been exploring opportunities right now, and I am keeping in mind this as I see what they have to offer.