Presentations - Gestures - Part 1

Questions This Guidance Answers: 
  • How do I use gestures to be more effective when presenting?
  • What are some effective gestures in presentations?
  • What are some ineffective gestures in presentations?

How to use your gesture in presentations.

Presentations regularly come in the top 10 lists about what people are most afraid of. And, we regularly sit through terrible presentations at client sites. Presentations fall into both the Christmas rule: you do it rarely, it's important, it's bound to go poorly, AND the one-eyed man is king rule: you just have to be a little bit better and you'll knock your audience's socks off.

We've covered voice and now we're going to talk about gestures.

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And you'll need a chance to practice

Let me again put a plug in for Toastmasters.  They teach this stuff and will give you a chance to practice.

Quite frankly, practice and preparation are the most important part of presentations.  Toastmasters lets you do that in a supportive environment where you'll get constructive criticism.